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Improving water supply through wells digging & rehabilitation

“WATER IS LIFE” is age old adage. Low rainfall and periodic drought in arid areas of Kenya including Wajir County has made their pastoralist lifestyle even more difficult.

The absence of rivers and springs compounds the situation even more with women and girls traditionally charged with walking long distances to collect water.

The CHEPs shallow wells project has helped ease the water problem, encouraged farming, growing of trees, improved access to clean and safe water and good sanitation practices.  

Microfinance and infrastructure for promotion of health and education

3 Women’s Groups (CBOs) in Wajir County of North Eastern Kenya were provided with capital for undertaking business activities to fend them through the disaster of drought and famine in 2011. This was very helpful to the members and their families to overcome the extreme poverty and hunger that they were facing.

Solar Lamps for Mosques

Solar lamps were given to mosques/madrassa in Wajir County. The introduction of solar powered lamps in the mosques was warmly received. The new technology with its obvious benefits intrigued the villagers right away. Furthermore, the abundant sunlight in Wajir makes it perfect to benefit from the clean solar energy while reducing their reliance on expensive and polluting kerosene fuel.



Microfinance and infrastructure for promotion of health and education, improving water supply through digging & rehabilitation of wells

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