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Student sponsorship

CHEPs is sponsoring education for severals students who come from different parts of the country such as Bungoma, Embu, Garissa, Kakamega, Lamu, Malindi, Mombasa, Nairobi, Nakuru, Samburu & Wajir.

Some of the courses student are pursuing at College & University level include: Medicine & Surgery, Nursing, 3D Animation, Animal Health, CPA / Accounting / Finance, Nutrition & Dietetics, Law, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Aeronautical Engineering, Biotechnology and Biosafety, Microbiology and Biotechnology, Conservation Biology, Environmental Studies, Development Studies, Bachelor of Education, Kenyan Sign Language, Faculty of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce, Actuarial with IT, Public Health, Clearing & Forwarding etc.

Each student provides quarterly academic and community service report.  

CHEPs Kawangware Student Mentorship Centre

CHEPs started a Student Mentorship Centre in Kawangware slums in March 2012. Underprivileged students from the local area are mentored on standard 8 examinable subjects every Sunday morning. It is hoped all these students will be able to get grades adequate for entry into secondary school. The project guides some promising students through mentorship and tutoring by university students being sponsored by CHEPs.

The students are also mentored on life skills, career guidance, self discipline, time management skills and how to deal with challenges they experience in day to day life.

CHEPs believes that education is the key to elimination of poverty. Join us in this endeavor, one bright student at a time.

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CHEPs Educational Conference

The goal of CHEPs’ education programmes to improve access & quality of education among needy people in Kenya. The programmes include students’ sponsorship, student community projects, books distribution to schools, provision of solar lights to deserving students in remote areas without electricity, setting up of libraries in schools, establishment of student mentorship centres, organising conferences and workshops for students, digging of wells in schools lacking water supply, and advocacy through media, scientific publication and conference presentations.

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Library projects

CHEPs has set up libraries at Jogbaru primary school in Wajir & at the CHEPs Kawangware Student Mentorship Centre in Nairobi and over 1000 books have been distributed to various other parts of the country.

Solar Lamps to students

CHEPs has distributed Solar lights to schools/students and institutes in Wajir. About 65 % of Wajir population lack access to electricity. The problem is most severe in the rural areas or on the fringes of the county headquarters.

Access to electricity and poverty are closely linked. Without adequate lighting even adults are unable to continue income generating activities into the evening that may lessen the burden of poverty.

Furniture for schools

Many schools in Kenya have poor conditions for appropriate learning; students sit on the floor or share scarce furniture. Lack of furniture is a major problem in North Eastern Kenya including Wajir County.


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