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Trees planting

Digging of shallow wells for improving water supply in the arid areas of Kenya provided opportunities for environmental projects. To this end CHEPs has embarked on a massive tree planting project. This makes it easier for the beneficiaries to water and take care of the trees. CHEPs recognizes the important role that the environment plays in alleviating deforestation & poverty. It is with this in mind that CHEPs consulted the local people and the Forestry department. It was found that Neem tree (Azadiratcha indica) does really well in this dry region because of its ability to withstand lack of water. It also keeps away insects and has medicinal properties while also proving shade.

CHEPs scale up goal is to continue to expand its successful community tree planting and environmental education projects to reach schools, mosques and public areas.

Though a lot more needs to be done, planting of trees in Wajir is so far a success story that still has to realize its full potential by spreading to the entire county so that eventually the environment in this area may be modified. This may take years and hard work but is possible through a massive tree planting campaign and collective goodwill of CHEPs well-wishers.

Organizing clean up/hygiene projects in villages

During the 2011 drought & famine in Kenya, CHEPs organized a cleanup project in Wagalla, Bahati & Bula Isiolo villages, in North Eastern Kenya. Carcasses of animals that had died during the drought were collected, burnt and buried. This was intended to prevent outbreak of diseases.



CHEPs engages in environmental activities such as trees planting, organizing clean up/hygiene projects in villages

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